AWC Wins Made In Alberta Runner-Up!

AWC Wins Made In Alberta Runner-Up!

The Made in Alberta Awards celebrate great Alberta products, businesses and ingenuity. By highlighting Alberta-made products through a variety of channels, including digital, in print and in person, the Made in Alberta Awards program supports and promotes local businesses and encourages people to shop local.

Alberta Whisky Cake was honoured to receive the Runner Up award in the Food Category! Thank you everyone for your amazing support of our cakes and artists!

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10 Things Ingrid Schulz Loves

10 Things Ingrid Schulz Loves

Alberta Whisky Cake is proud to be included in Ingrid Schulz’s 10 favourite Stampede-related things published in Avenue Magazine!

You can read the full article here:

Photograph by Jared Sych.

“Once you taste one, you’ll be hooked. It’s a beautiful pound cake soaked in an Alberta whisky glaze, and I always send out-of-town visitors home with plenty of Stampede memories like this.”

AWC in Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine!

AWC in Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine!

We were privileged to be featured recently in Canadian Cowboy Country magazine!

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Alberta Whisky Cake featured on Western Horse Review!

Alberta Whisky Cake featured on Western Horse Review!

Originally published on Western Horse Review

It’s becoming increasingly prevalent to consider source (local) and company (niche) in our world. In a sense, our western culture has perhaps always leaned more towards a high standard of craftsmanship, than an overload of cheap trappings. We cherish one well-made bit crafted from a local artisan, over 10 made overseas. A pair of chaps so beautifully constructed they must be passed on from mother to daughter. And so on.

I’ve as much as possible refined and practiced the same criteria in my kitchen and lifestyle. I’d rather have less, and enjoy quality than stack up on bulk buys of ridiculously processed foods.

All part of why I never grow tired of this friend, and her consistently positive mind and joy of life.

It took baker Kamla McGonigal of Calgary, Alberta, four years to perfect her recipe. Determination, baby, that’s what it took. The fourth generation Calgary native wanted to use whisky, locally distilled at Highwood Distiller’s, from grain at nearby farms as one of the main ingredients in her delectable cakes. Finally after countless hours over an oven, McGonigal developed one of the best tasting and most unique baked-goods available to those with discerning palates – the Alberta Whisky Cake.

Using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients, Alberta Whisky Cakes offer a seductive flavor. You will be able to smell it’s sweet, distinct goodness before you will ever taste it, but as whisky advocates know – this is a desirable trait.

So, as I’m working through my Christmas list of gift-giving and thank-you’s – both personal and corporate, Alberta Whisky Cakes in their delightful western-styled packaging are a top pick. The beautiful bundts are simple to order, and because of the dense, whisky intinction, keep well through shipping and into the Christmas season.

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Alberta Whisky Cake Featured on ShawTV!

Flood Affected & Fighting Back

Flood Affected & Fighting Back

Originally published on Routes Media

On June 20 2013, massive floods devastated many parts of southern Alberta. Here are a few quick follow-ups to some a couple of our market vendors who were affected and how they couldn’t have done it all without the support of you, the loyal customer.

bakeryAlberta Whisky Cakes

The massive flood of 2013 ripped through High River destroyed the bakery that made our cakes. The entire inventory, supplies, equipment and the entire building were annihilated. Our whisky producer in High River, Highwood Distillers, was also closed for a few months.

Unexpectedly, I received an enormous number of adamant demands from many past and potential AWC consumers to ‘get those cakes back!’ These much-appreciated requests provided the emotional energy, clarity and courage I needed to pick up and start over again.

AWC stopped producing cakes on June 20, but the behind the scenes action didn’t stop. We co-hosted a very successful contest with Western Horse Review for the next featured artist, made a number of changes to the labels, seals, delivery containers and got some processes worked out to ensure cake quality consistently remains at the very highest.

The baker equipped and restocked her initial Calgary in-home commercial bakery. We worked out details with new retailers and, since November, the cakes are available at Calgary Co-op stores in Calgary, High River, Airdrie and Strathmore.

Exactly four months after the flood closed AWC, we picked up 24 test cakes from the interim bakery. Looks like we’re back in the saddle.

As I look back at 2013, we were completely closed for a third of the year, yet our annual sales were almost exactly 50 per cent more than in 2012.

Thank you to our fellow Albertans for their unwavering and loyal support. -Kamla McGonigal,


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Congratulations to our newest Unbridled Spirit Artist!

Congratulations to our newest Unbridled Spirit Artist!

The next Alberta Whisky Cake Unbridled Spirit ARTIST is….



Thank you to everyone who took part in this fun contest – the nominators, artists, voters & Western Horse Review.

I had a lot of fun with this!