Where can I get an AWC?

  • Alberta Whisky Cakes are available at Huckleberry’s Cafe in Wetaskiwin. Both on menu & off-sales whole cakes are offered.
  • Online through our shop.
  • You can find us at The Millarville Market on November 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2019
  • For large, bulk orders, or corporate sales, call 403-256-1888 to arrange pickup, or to speak directly to Kam, the owner.
  • Talk to either of the 2 great looking young guys walking around in AWC t-shirts – are the owner’s sons & love to talk about AWC!
  • Alberta Whisky Cakes are available for purchase from our shop You can also try our delicous whisky cakes at the Huckleberry’s Cafe in Wetaskiwin. Both on menu & off-sales whole cakes are offered.

Can I get them sent out?

  • AWC ships worldwide!
  • Charges for shipping are based on the address of the recipient.
  • We usually use Canada Post, but during any postal disruptions, or occasionally for shipping the US and overseas, we use UPS.  If you have a UPS account number we are happy to use that to arrange for delivery, rather than charging you for shipping.
  • We have sent them overseas (especially to Europe) after 1st determining this cost & then calling you back to see if you want to go ahead.


Are the AWC boxes recyclable or environmentally friendly?

  • The black paper hexagon-shaped hatboxes are made using recycled paper & with ‘green’ black dye – are made to be recycled, but people tend to reuse them instead (are very attractive, sturdy & easily opened/closed).


Why are you using whisky as your choice of alcohol?

  • One of our guiding principles is to use as much local products as possible.
  • Rye whisky is produced in the HIGHWOOD Distillery, just south of Calgary, and using grains from a 7 mile radius of the distillery.
  • Rye whisky is very Canadian! (Bourbon is American; rum made from sugar cane).
  • The merging of flavors between maple syrup + whisky and chocolate + whisky is absolutely superb – sophisticated, but not overwhelming.

Do you use real whisky or just a whisky flavor?

  • Only real HIGHWOOD Distillers rye whisky is used in every AWC cake.
  • Added at 2 separate times: into the raw batter and then again in the whisky sauce that the cakes are soaked in when they come out of the oven.
  • Whisky is listed on the bottom label of every package, in the ingredient list.
  • Only real whisky, with actual alcohol content still active, would provide the preserving factor for the cakes (that is, long shelf-life) and keep them very moist.
  • After baking & storage, about 1% by weight whisky remains in the unopened cakes.

What is the favorite flavor?

We sell almost exactly the same number of each – sometimes a run on 1 flavor for a few orders, then the other the next orders – this includes the reorders.  I love both of them equally, and can’t seem to decide myself which to have, so sometimes go for a small piece of each or alternate days on which flavor I eat.

What are the flavors?

Maple (The Malted Maple): maple syrup with walnuts on the top– very Canadian!
Chocolate (The Whisky Runner): chocolate – rich dark solid!


When should a person consider giving someone a gift?

  • All joyful occasions – births, birthdays, valentines, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, new home purchases, all celebrations…
  • When you want to show your appreciation – to family, friends, co-workers, employees, clients, associates, neighbors, hostesses, anyone who helps make your days easier or more enjoyable…
  • Whenever you want to let someone know they are special – for no particular reason, except that you value them!
  • The qualities of the gift imply the same qualities you are forwarding as your own, and how you feel about the recipient & the relationship – our cakes are unique, highest quality, delectable, appeal to the senses & are impressively packaged…

Other Concerns

Is AWC cake OK for alcoholics or problem drinkers?

  • As what serves as a trigger is dependent on each individual person, we strongly suggest that another edible treat be selected for this group.
  • AWC is respectful of everyone’s personal situations & values, without judgment.


How might I serve an AWC?

  • Room temperature or slightly warm a slice – top with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream.
  • As above – then drizzle with liqueur, or any other sauce of your choice.
  • Serve with your favourite fruit & whipped cream.
  • Enjoy the cake exactly how it is – Delicious!

How many servings per individual cake?

  • Medium sized cakes serve 12 (1000 gm; 2.2 lb) – many easily get 16 servings.
  • Large sized cakes serve 24 (2000 gm; 4.4 lb) – many get 30 generous servings.
  • The servings per cake are listed on each bottom label.
  • These are very heavy rich cakes, so a little goes a long way.
  • The most common sizes ordered are by far the Medium AWCs.


What is the best-before date for each cake?

  • The BB date is date stamped on the bottom of every cake package, on the nutrition label.
  • Is conservatively 3 months if kept in a cool dry place.
  • Freeze it if you want to extend the BB date by double – to 6 months.
  • The combination of alcohol + heat sealing = longer shelf-life than other cakes.

Where & how should I store my cake?

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.  Freezing will prolong the shelf life without affecting the quality or taste.


Is this a fruit cake? Does AWC sell fruit cakes?

  • No, not yet.
  • All our cakes are pound cakes– solid, rich, moist & sumptuous in aroma & flavor.
  • Only the maple cake has some walnuts, and only on the top.

Unbridled Spirit Artists

Who are the AWC Unbridled Spirit Artists? How are they selected?

  • They are local people who are involved heavily in the arts, and have not yet become renowned or rewarded for their exceptional dedication to their creative work.
  • The selections are based on individual assessments of their work, initiatives, purpose, and plans for the future and how they will balance out the contributions of the previously selected artists.