The Company

Alberta Whisky Cake is a newly founded (2010) Alberta based specialty cake business, promoting Alberta and Canada, the country and its people.
We are marketing two flavors of a locally produced whisky cake – chocolate & maple.


To have Alberta Whisky Cakes continuously available for consumers – in easily accessible upscale venues.

Mission statement:

To produce world-class products that every Albertan would be proud to give or receive, and to support the work of local artists and businesses.

AWC cakes are:

  • packaging picHighest quality – from beginning to end.
  • Locally produced – with many local products.
  • In demand – by corporations, individuals, tourists, travelers, at social gatherings.
  • Unique gift options.
  • Especially loved by men, women, old, young!
  • In two tantalizing flavors – rich dark chocolate & Canadian maple with walnuts.
  • Support many local small businesses
    • Use locally distilled whisky – High River
    • Use a small independent local bakery – High River
    • Use handmade Maplewood boxes – Dewinton
    • Use hexagonal paper boxes – Calgary
    • Use a family-owned independent local printer – Calgary
    • Introduce local artists – present images in each cake package
  • Perfectly paired with dessert wines, specialty coffees & teas.
  • Introduce local artists – present images in each cake package of the work of a local emerging artist – including photography, airbrushing, leather work, paintings
  • Positioned in the market at the higher end – align with their quality & uniqueness.
  • Specialty products for the discerning buyer – sumptuous & elegant!